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312 RiverRun 5K Runners 1

312 RiverRun 5K

June 22nd

Our mission is to conserve Clark Park's natural open space and enrich our community through stewardship, fellowship and action

Our latest campaign

The Clark Park Nature Play Space

A fun, healthy place to be outdoors​​

$25,000 raised of $60,000


The Clark Park Play Space is a passion project fostered by a small group of citizen neighbors.

Together with the Chicago Park District, we're working to create a special kind of open space - a nature playlot. Open to the public, the playlot will be a place for jumping, climbing, dreaming and connecting with nature.

A teenager in a natural outdoor observat

 See how Clark Park has become

one local teen's observation center.

Join our campaign. Volunteer today.
Children playing at Clark Park
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