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Citizen neighbors committed to open spaces

About us

Our mission is to conserve Clark Park's natural open space and enrich our community

through stewardship, fellowship and action

Bill Donahue, President - Clark Park Advisory Council

Bill Donahue


Howard Luecke III, Vice President - Clark Park Advisory Counci

Howard Luecke III

Vice President

Rich Costello, Treasurer - Clark Park Advisory Counci

Rich Costello


Rose Wehner, Treasurer - Clark Park Advisory Council

Rose Wehner


Why open space
is vital

"We  know that parks are associated with improved public health; the amount of nearby park space is a significant predictor of increased physical activity levels in children as well as adults. Parks help build community and foster social connections, either through hosting organized recreational activities or simply providing a public space for neighbors to gather...


In addition to recreational opportunities, we now recognize that our open spaces are performing valuable ecosystem services, such as water purification, flood protection, and potentially even adaptation to climate change."


Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning


Jeff Daube, Volunteer Chair - Clark Park Advisory Council

Jeff Daube

Volunteer Chair

Anne Vargo, Digital Chair - Clark Park Advisory Council

Anne Vargo

Digital Chair

Eric Anderson.png

Eric Anderson

Forester & Ecologist

Interested in joining us? 

Advisory Council Meeting Minutes Archive

Last 12 months

Our fiscal sponsor

Friends of the Parks

a 501(c)(3) organization. 

EIN: 36-2844241

Friends of the Parks Chicago

2012 Chicago Park District Framework Report

Proposed plan for Richard Clark Park in Chicago

Dive into the details about the vision for Richard Clark Park

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